The Beauty of Kangaroo Island

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 30 Jul 20

A destination truly like no other, the beauty of Kangaroo Island can be witnessed from the shores of Seal Bay, the heights of Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, the cliff side of the Remarkable Rocks and from within the scenic outback of Flinders Chase.

Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island by Ben Goode/South Australian Tourism Commission

Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island by Ben Goode/South Australian Tourism Commission

Every bit relaxing as it is exotic and referred to by many as the jewel in South Australia’s tourism crown, this small island sitting off South Australia’s coastline should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. And with Bunnik tours you can visit this extraordinary destination, choosing from either our 9 or 12 day small group tour of the great state of South Australia.

Technically speaking, to get to Kangaroo Island you need to cross over the Backstairs Passage from Cape Jervis in the Fleurieu Peninsula, so if you’re dreaming of taking that ‘over-seas’ trip – look no further than the wonderful K.I. A melting pot of delectable cuisine, pristine beaches, adorable wildlife and astounding national parks; Kangaroo Island enables you to comfortably get back to nature.

After being hit hard by the devastating bushfires in the summer of 2019-20, Kangaroo Island and its inviting locals are slowly, but surely, recovering. Nonetheless, this island paradise is still bursting with charm and is just waiting to be explored! Let's check out what awaits you in the beautiful Kangaroo Island.

Flinders Chase National Park

A visit to Kangaroo Island wouldn’t be complete without discovering the incredible Flinders Chase National Park. Located on the western end of the island, this national park is about 100 kilometres from K.I.’s main town, Kingscote, but its striking landscape will transport you to a world a million miles away. Flinders Chase boasts rugged wilderness and diverse wildlife, making for an experience like no other. While exploring the park, you’ll get the chance to spot the native kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas - so keep an eye out!

KI landscape

Landscapes of Kangaroo Island, by Elliot Grafton/South Australian Tourism Commission

Remarkable Rocks

This cluster of abstract rocks are truly as remarkable as they sound. Sitting above the sea in Flinders Chase National Park, the Remarkable Rocks are a group of spectacularly balanced granite boulders. Over 500 million years of elements such as rain, wind, and waves, all contributed to creating this signature landmark. Hues of bright, golden orange lichen cover the surface of many rocks, making for a vibrant, and incredibly photogenic, sight.

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, by Ben Goode/South Australian Tourism Commission

Admirals Arch

Created by the incredible forces of nature, Admirals Arch is a sight to behold. The arch is situated within Flinders Chase National Park and has been carved over thousands of years by erosion. This unusual landmark is one of Kangaroo Island’s most famed attractions and it’s not hard to see why! Accessed through viewing platforms that wind their way down the cave, it’s an ideal place to spot the adorable New Zealand fur seal colony that has established itself under the arch.

Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island, by Lauren Bath/South Australian Tourism Commission

Crystal clear beaches

Finding a great beach on Kangaroo Island is something that’s pretty easy to do when the island boasts over 500 kilometres of pristine coastline. The island makes for an ideal beach destination, as you’ll find everything from bright, white sand beaches to those spots perfect for surfing. Kangaroo Island is home to an internationally award-winning beach, the gorgeous Vivonne Bay, so the beaches here mean business!

Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, by Jess Caldwell (As We Wander)/South Australian Tourism Commission

Local products

Renowned for its local produce, Kangaroo Island’s products have a reputation for purity and excellent quality. Due to the island’s isolation, the locals are required to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle and have naturally placed great importance on ethical production to protect their surrounding environment. There are plenty of places to check out the local wares, and if you’re keen on a drink (or two!), Kangaroo Island is also home to the first boutique gin distillery in South Australia!

Local produce

Local food and wine, Kangaroo Island, by Meaghan Coles/South Australian Tourism Commission

If you’re loving the sound of Kangaroo Island as much as us, then it’s time to stop thinking and start booking your next ‘over-seas’ adventure. This tiny island packs a huge punch and is sure to impress and provide you with a lifetime of memories!