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  • Bunnik Tours
  • 27 Apr 22

What makes a Bunnik tour so unforgettable? All our inclusions of course! The integrity of our family name stands behind every tour we sell. We are committed to giving our clients the ultimate holiday experience; that’s why our itineraries are unique and comprehensive. You’ll get genuine value for money and a tonne of sightseeing experiences within a small group tour.

Bunnik group enjoying a safari in Kenya

Bunnik group enjoying a safari in Kenya

No Hidden Extras

Our tours include flights, all sightseeing, many meals and even taxes and tips where appropriate. We don’t like added extras, so our tour, independent and extension package prices include entrance to all national parks and reserves in Africa.

Special Experiences

At Bunnik Tours we include multiple special experiences to captivate and take your travels from enjoyable to memorable. Our special experiences are unique, interesting and fun, and the best bit of all? They’re included on our tours at no extra cost. In Morocco, one of our special experiences is a cooking lesson in a beautiful Moroccan riad. Our guests then enjoy the delicious food they prepared for lunch.


To keep things interesting, we like to mix up our modes of transportation, allowing our passengers to experience travelling like a local.  We include vehicles such as the bullet trains in Japan, a felucca boat ride down the Nile, a tuk tuk ride to a local restaurant in Cambodia, a 4WD jeep safari in Africa and even scenic flights over the Okavango Delta, Botswana.  After all, anybody can give a coach tour, but for us it’s all about the experience.

Okavango Delta overflight

Ovakango Delta overflight, Botswana by Emily Fraser

More Room to Spread Out

There's nothing we love more than creating truly unforgettable moments that our small groups experience on tour in Africa. That’s why our group size will never exceed 12 passengers in Africa. This means everyone gets close to the action! In East Africa our 4WDs travel with only 6 people in each, so everyone gets a window seat! The size of our vehicles may differ depending on the region, but there will always be plenty of free seats, giving you space to spread out.

Coach seat plan examples

Tipping Made Easy

When holidaying in a new destination it can often be challenging to know when or how much to tip, particularly for Australians where tipping isn’t commonplace. That’s why we include it on all our small group tours, so you can have a stress-free trip!


Breakfast is included daily throughout our touring program, along with group welcome and farewell dinners. We also include some unique dining experiences and meals at those remote locations where finding a meal can be challenging. We purposefully do not include all meals; however, this allows you the opportunity to venture out and really experience life as a local. Be sure to speak with one of our friendly guides on tour for some great tips!

Food in Rhonda

Sampling Spanish meats in Rhonda by Dennis Bunnik

Earth Oven

Curanto earth oven, Chiloe, Chile by Aleisha Treloar

Multi-Night Stays

Our itineraries are made up of multi-night stops to give you time to breathe and take in your surrounds. Getting to the essence of a destination cannot be done when you’re always on the move. This, plus the inclusion of mornings, evenings, or days at leisure, offers you the chance, explore a destination on your own, experience one of our optional experiences, or to just relax with a good book.

Character Accommodation

Having a small group allows us to select smaller, boutique properties with more character. We use properties that are unique and tell the story of the destination you’re in.  After all, if it’s worth the experience, we’ll include it. In Italy we stay two nights in the Sassi Caves in Matera or in the traditional Trulli houses in Alberobello.


Trulli houses, Alberobello, Italy by Trulli Holiday