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El Calafate, Patagonia by Matt Baldock

What to See in Patagonia: Top 7 Places & Experiences

Oh, Patagonia, be still my beating heart… Wild, remote and breathtakingly beautiful, Patagonia’s wide-open spaces, impressive, rugged mountain peaks, icy cold rivers and jaw dropping glaciers will leave you literally panting for more.
The Devil's Cauldron waterfall of Baños, Ecuador by Kristi Rutten

Uncover South America

A continent steeped in mysterious ancient ruins still being unearthed, sandy white coastlines and a mountain range that encompasses volcanoes, lakes, deserts and forests, it's not hard to see why South America should be on everyone's must-see list! But the wonders don't stop there. Continuing north into Central America with countries like Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Costa Rica the diversity of landscapes, culture and cuisine, the hardest decision will be which countries not to include!

The beauty of the Atacama Desert

It has been many years since my last visit to the Atacama Desert and I was happy to see that not much has changed.
Empanadas by Deutsch_LionHeart/Pixabay

Warm your heart with Chilean empanadas

These delicious meat-filled pastries will transport you straight to Chile and are the perfect way to warm and inspire your heart for an epic South American adventure!
Pisco Sour by Cathrine Gunasekara

Raise your glass to the pisco sour

Whether you’re visiting Chile or Peru, the pisco sour is a must try drink on your South American holiday.
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Dennis Bunnik

Photo Guide | The icons of South & Central America

If you’re ready to tick off some seriously bucket list worthy destinations, then it’s time to start planning your trip to South & Central America now!
Chilean cuisine

The top 5 must-try of Chilean Cuisine

El Tatio Geysers

Chile's spectacular El Tatio Geysers

It’s not often I would happily set my alarm for 4am and jump out of bed, but this was set to be one of the most amazing excursions any traveller could ask for.