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Christmas markets in Salzburg by Calin Stan/Adobe

4 Must-See Places On Christmas Tours

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas, it’s the happiest season of all and there’s nothing more magical than experiencing a white Christmas on a Christmas tour . During the festive season in Europe, you can expect to see the beautiful cities glistening with lights and Christmas markets pop up selling trinkets, decorations, mulled wine and delicious food.
Image credit: Victoria Hearn

Unpacking Salzburg

To the north of Austria you’ll find a quaint town called Salzburg, and it’s a delight in every sense of the word. Salzburg encapsulates all that Austria has to offer, presenting it in a perfect little package. Let’s unpack it!
Schönbrunn Palace by Dennis Bunnik

Imperial Palace of Schönbrunn

Perhaps the most visited, and definitely one of the most beautiful, sites in Austria is the Imperial Palace of Schönbrunn. And what a sight to behold it is! But how well do you know its history? Read on to uncover more.