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Bunnik group enjoying a safari in Kenya

We Include More!

What makes a Bunnik tour so unforgettable? All our inclusions of course! The integrity of our family name stands behind every tour we sell. We are committed to giving our clients the ultimate holiday experience; that’s why our itineraries are unique and comprehensive. You’ll get genuine value for money and a tonne of sightseeing experiences within a small group tour.
Langhe Region, Italy by Carol Kelly

We Put the 'Special' in Special Experience

It’s safe to say that experiences are the reason we travel. Satisfying that craving of being immersed in a new culture, delighting in a newfound favourite food, or even experiencing that feeling of getting lost in a new city once again.
South Australia, Australia by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy - Better views

We don’t know about you, but here at Bunnik Tours, we’re tired of staring at the same four walls and can’t wait to have our peepers on exotic new landscapes!
Image by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy

Small groups have always been at the core of our touring philosophy as we know they create a better holiday experience.
Egypt by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy - More time with your tour guides

Like we always say, size matters! And in the world of small group touring, smaller is definitely better.

Dennis in Sri Lanka!

Dennis Bunnik recounts his first few days in Sri Lanka with our first group of Aussie travellers. After a nearly two year gap in international tours, to say he was excited is an understatement! 
Photo by Henry-Perks on Unsplash

5 facts that’ll have you boarding Japan’s bullet train in a hurry

There is no doubt that Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains have become a cult hit amongst die hard railway buffs, in fact, they’re almost universally known and you don’t have to be a railway fan to appreciate the allure of these world-leading rail networks. Check out these five fast and fascinating facts that will have you wanting to catch the next bullet train.
Hiroshima Castle by Mirza Ariadi

Hiroshima - From devastation to determination

It can be difficult to think of this Japanese city and not recall that devasting day in August 1945, but the people of Hiroshima are determined to make their home a place of ‘peace and creativity’. And this is exactly what their ‘Hiroshima 2045’ future city plans have been developed towards.
Mt Fuji by Dennis Bunnik

Fast Fuji Facts

Easily one of Japan’s biggest drawcards, the gorgeous Mount Fuji is a significant symbol of the country. Standing at a staggering 3,776 metres, it’s the tallest mountain in Japan, and is an active volcano sitting on an intersection of tectonic activity! Let’s delve into some fast Fuji facts!