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Egypt & Middle East

Petra, Jordan | The jewel in the rock

The true test of whether a so called tourism icon is either over-rated or lives up to the hype is your reaction when you visit for the third time.
Dennis Bunnik at Karnak Temple, Egypt

Karnak Temple, Egypt | Touched by Karnak

When I first walked into Karnak Temple 5 years ago I knew it was special, but it was not until I returned this week that I realised the power it had over me…

Falling in love with Egypt

As an experienced world traveller, for some reason the Middle East was a destination that I figured I’d always get to, just later. After 10 days in Egypt I can honestly say the time to go is now!

Travel Tips | Our favourite food experiences

Enjoying local delicacies can broaden our understanding of the places we visit, the people who live there and can allow us to truly connect with a destination. Food is not the only reason we travel but it certainly has the power to make strong memories.

Get the lowdown on the Middle East

Thinking about a trip to the Middle East but not sure which countries you’d like to visit? Discover some of the highlights you can experience on a Bunnik Tour across Egypt, Israel & Jordan.

Egyptologists | We ask our Experts!

We recently asked our expert team of Egyptologists what their top picks were for sightseeing. For who knows Egypt better than these highly qualified individuals that boast amongst their ranks university professors and some of Egypt’s most senior and well-respected archaeologists?

Egypt, Middle East | Tick Egypt off your Bucket List

It always gives me a buzz arriving in to Egypt at Cairo Airport, as there seems to be so many people and so much hustle and bustle – yet strangely it feels like an organised chaos!

Building Connections, not Walls | The Power of Travel

President Trump’s controversial travel ban has made headlines around the world. Dennis Bunnik looks at how travel can break down barriers.

Inspiring Israel

From Biblical sites to modern wineries, Israel is a destination rich in both history and modernity. With so much to offer and explore in this incredible country, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 must see sites of inspiring Israel.