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The Northern Lights reflected between two fjords in Tromsø, by Jamen Percy

The 6 Best Fjords in Norway

If it’s one thing the Nordic region is almost universally known for, its fjords. In fact, with nearly 1200 in total, Norway is undisputedly the fjord capital of the world! So how do you know which ones to prioritise and look out for!?

Exploring Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions

A trip to Antarctica is unlike any cruise you’ve been on before. It’s not filled with bingo, buffets, Broadway shows and Hawaiian shirts; it’s about exploring one of the world’s last frontiers.
Image by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy

Small groups have always been at the core of our touring philosophy as we know they create a better holiday experience.
Photo credit: Global Wellness Institute

Travel with Confidence through Embracing Fitness, Food & Life

So, you’ve just booked your next holiday adventure and your travel countdown has begun. We bet you’re already imagining all those incredible sights, the stunning landscapes, ancient ruins and vibrant cities.
Ateneo Bookstore, Buenos Aires by David Hein

Travel tips | Books that inspired us to travel

Whether it's before, during or after we return home from a trip, there's nothing quite like that feeling of being immersed in an incredible book. We asked the Bunnik Tours team which books inspired them to travel, and have compiled a list of their favourites.

When travel is more than the destination

Everyone looks for different things from travel but one thing that is common to creating great memories on tour is that time to just simply be in a place. That time you get to yourself to explore the world in a way that is of interest to you.

Antarctica | The stunning seventh continent

My journey to the “white continent” of Antarctica was a remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Image credit Dzenina Lukac / pexels

Nifty gadgets and travel essentials

Set yourself up for a stress-free holiday experience with these nifty gadgets and travel essentials.

Top 10 travel tips

Travel can be such a life-altering experience as we learn about other cultures, absorb ourselves in the colourful histories of our destinations and grow excited at the possibilities that people create in their different environments. Travel acts to connect our world’s people, places and cultures. It also provides an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself.