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Nuwara Eliya by Victoria Hearn

Sri Lanka - a place that glitters

When I travelled to Sri Lanka on a Bunnik Tour I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was delighted by my experience!

Travel Tips | Our favourite food experiences

Enjoying local delicacies can broaden our understanding of the places we visit, the people who live there and can allow us to truly connect with a destination. Food is not the only reason we travel but it certainly has the power to make strong memories.
Iguazu Falls, Brazil by Marion Bunnik

The world's most stunning waterfalls

There’s something mesmerising about looking at a waterfall. Whether it’s an immensely powerful one like the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu Falls, or a peacefully cascading fall like many of those in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, it’s hard to look away. In this blog post we’ve captured 5 of the most stunning waterfalls you can visit on a Bunnik Tour.
Dishes to try in India

I'm Hungry! | Dishes to Try in India

You're probably familiar with some popular dishes (butter or tandoori chicken, samosas and koftas), but there is actually so much more to try! With Incredible India we've put together a list of some fantastic dishes from around the country! Keep these in mind if you’re considering a trip to India (or just need some culinary inspiration).
Tokyo city, Japan by Dennis Bunnik

Tokyo, Japan | When in Tokyo ...

Tokyo is one of the world’s busiest cities and can leave your head spinning when it comes to deciding what to fit in during your stay there. Here are a baker’s dozen of some obvious and not-so-obvious things to do when in Tokyo…
Image credit Dzenina Lukac / pexels

Nifty gadgets and travel essentials

Set yourself up for a stress-free holiday experience with these nifty gadgets and travel essentials.
Tikal, Guatemala

Let your adventurous side run free!

Are you seeking a holiday that’s a little out of the ordinary? Does the thought of experiencing new cultures, cuisines and activities excite you?

Top 10 travel tips

Travel can be such a life-altering experience as we learn about other cultures, absorb ourselves in the colourful histories of our destinations and grow excited at the possibilities that people create in their different environments. Travel acts to connect our world’s people, places and cultures. It also provides an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself.

6 Reasons Why Australians Travel Differently

There are some good reasons you should make sure you’re travelling with an Australian tour company, after all, we Australians are a little different…