Parque das Aves | Bird Paradise

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 06 Feb 20

The Parque das Aves is located near the Iguazu National Park, and home to more than 1320 birds from about 143 different species.

The park is situated in 16.5 hectares of lush Atlantic Rainforest maintained to provide the best habitat for these animals.

Peach-fronted Parakeet

Red-legged Seriema

A walk through this extensive park offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Red Macaw

Toco Toucan

Get up close and personal in the huge immersion aviaries where you can feel the beat of wings from vibrant macaws and look into the eyes of a toucan!

Parque das Aves is the largest bird park in Latin America, and a unique experience not to be missed.


Grey Crowned Crane

The park also takes care birds that are no longer in condition to continue living in nature and keep them in an environment where they can live happily.

We include a visit to this park on all tours that visit Iguazu National Park.


Black-fronted piping guan

Your visit also helps fund the park’s ongoing work to preserve these beautiful birds and many endangered species.

Experience this amazing bird sanctuary for yourself on several of our South American small group tours which visit Iguazu National Park.