Thank you, you gave our guides some credit!

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 22 Oct 20

Cast your minds back to June and you might recall we emailed about how great our guides are, truly among the best in the industry making your Bunnik Tour experience what it is.

Thanks from Norway, Tina & Martina

Thanks from Norway, Tina & Martina

❤️❤️ An update from our Guides ❤️❤️

Cast your minds back to June and you might recall we emailed about how great our guides are, truly among the best in the industry making your Bunnik Tour experience what it is.

Our guides have been doing it particularly tough with an entire season of income disappearing overnight. They have remained largely upbeat, generously sharing videos with us of their homes and continuing to keep our future travel dreams alight.

We put out a call to you to help us support our guides, kickstarting the campaign with a $10,000 donation. Why was this important to us? Most guides are self-employed freelancers that have fallen through the cracks of government support, or are living in countries where little government support is available.

Many of you generously chipped in to this fund and we have now distributed that money to the guides who were scheduled to escort tours this year.

They've shared their thanks below and we've got all the feels.

Thank you once more for your ongoing support. We'll be travelling the world again some day soon.

Dennis, Marion and Sacha Bunnik


Urban, Slovenia

The other day, I was moved (not to tears, but) to a lump in the throat. In the old and much much better days, I did the majority of my work for Bunnik’s, an Australian agency that specialises in beautiful tours for small groups. Their tours (I did Scandinavia, Italy & France, Croatia & Slovenia) must have been among the favourite of my career as tour group leader (thanks to the beautiful itineraries, fabulous clientele and proper SUPPORT from Adelaide and local partner agencies). I met the owners in person several times, one of them actually joined me on tour. We clicked instantly; we are people of the same ilk. So working for them became even more of a joy because you now had the further motivation of working for your mates.
Then came this nightmare. The reaction of the agencies to the fact that we’re doomed in the short term (hopefully shorter than what seems to be the case as of today) was varied. Some said nothing and pretended their guides did not exist. But Bunnik’s must have been the first and most sincere in expressing their moral support to us.
That said, they went even further: they actually pledged their own funds and collected money from their/our dear clients and guests to distribute to us guides, to alleviate our financial turmoil. This is so much more than pocket money; it is a very humbling and endearing gesture from people who genuinely care about the world, travel, their clients and their staff.
Dennis Bunnik, Sacha Bunnik and Marion Bunnik, I can’t tell you how much this noble gesture means to me and my colleagues (Martina Orehek, Tina Mušič and I spoke about it a lot). We are so glad that we got to work for you, to know you. All we can do now is hope and pray we’ll be able to meet again sooner rather than later, and continue where we left off in this rewarding and noble mission/profession that consists of the magic of contributing to people’s travelling dreams coming true.

À bientôt 🇫🇷... ci vediamo 🇮🇹... dođite nam opet 🇭🇷... bless 🇮🇸... in hvala iz vsega srca 🇸🇮❤️"


Anamarija, Croatia & Slovenia

"It’s a strange world, we are living in. And sometimes.. I think it went completely bonkers. But then... I see a ray of sun, coming through the clouds. And it gives me hope. Hope that the wonderful, magical, inspiring travel industry, will get back on its feet eventually.
Thank you, for being that ray of hope, for making sure us guides are not forgotten. For “giving your guides some credit”. You are giving me hope, that one day, again, I will be back where I belong - in front of a bus, holding that red sign, waiting for my Aussie guests. Thank you Bunnik Tours, Dennis, Sacha and Marion for creating a travel agency that is... family. ❤️"

Anamari Ja

Graziano, Italy

"I want to thank the Bunnik family for their support initiative for tour leaders. I know of no other tour operator who has done the same for their collaborators. I would also like to thank all those who have decided to contribute with an offer by making us feel close to those with whom we would like to travel, discover, have fun together. I am really proud to be part of this company that does not think that business is the only goal."


Tina & Martina

Tina & Martina, Scandinavia

"In these bizarre times, the leading Australian tour agency BUNNIK Tours, that Martina and I have had the pleasure to work for for the last 6 years, organized a camapign called 'Give a Guide some Credit' where they have supported us, tour directors throughout the world, morally and by collecting some financial contributions with the help of their customers, our co-travellers. Workwise, this has been the nicest gesture we have ever experienced in our careers. We love and appreciate creating good travel stories with you and we can't wait to start travelling again. THANK YOU and as Anamarija said, thank you also for creating a travel agency which is family. Yours, Tina & Martina, Still dreaming!"

Ales, Switzerland & Jewels of Dalmatia

Small tours champions with big heart ❤️🇦🇺
True story about Bunnik Tours: Some years ago I've been given the opportunity to cooperate as a Tour director in different EU countries with Australian travel company Bunnik tours. A family business firm that comes from “City of Churches” - Adelaide, grew big with the years. Before my first tour was about to happen, I received phone call from the operations office. They informed me, that the group will be escorted by one of the directors from Australia. I “went off like a frog in the sock” and because I am not a “bludger”, I started to do all “yakka” with history and all the infos about places we are going to visit. I try to calm down myself everything is going to be just fine. “Crikey mate!” After first day on tour with Dennis Bunnik I found out he’s a real “bonzer bloke”. Relaxed, opened, good sense of humour... We spent together “deadly” week and tour at the end was a “smash hit”. Soon after I also met Sacha Bunnik and Marion Bunnik in Ljubljana on our annual educational meeting. Great personalities, and “defo” the right decision in my professional career. This part should end like... I had become a real “cracker” in this business .... but then ... 2020 came 😕😕. The COVID-19 pandemic still has a huge impact on the tourism industry due to the resulting travel restrictions as well as a slump in demand among travelers. Social distancing is the new mantra. Where to next?
Bunnik Tours did not wait. Like all firms involved in tourism they had huge problems with cancellations and reorganisation of their work. In the meantime they launched another campaign. When last email arrived I was moved more than ever.
I want to share that lines with you, to show you how privileged we are to work with company like they are. Company that respect and support key employees in the one of darkest economic times in modern history ... The funds were now distributed among tour directors worldwide. It’s not about the amount of money, but it’s the thought that counts. Huge Thanks to Bunniks ❤️❤️and all others that donated money! Hopefully this nightmare will end soon and we will be back on track again creating unique unforgettable experiences!
Cheers and see you soon!


Sanjin, Jewels of Dalmatia

This is a very nice and generous gesture and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In these difficult times, every € means a lot to us. The winter is coming and it's gonna be a long one.
All the best to you down there and stay safe. I really hope we will start working again ASAP.
with love, 

Sandra, Italy

I want to thank you very much indeed for supporting us (Guides and Tour Directors) through
your campaign to help raise funds for us. I'm so happy for this noble and generous thought from you and from the clients. I've truly appreciated it so much.
We're living in a very difficult and weird time. Nobody expected it . Under the economic aspect, the impact of Covid on the Tourism industry has been a sort of tragedy. But, we cannot stop and give up. Hope is what we need, now. After each crisis in the history, a light always comes out again.
I'm sure, when all of this is end, we'll be able to work again, enjoying travels better than ever.
The Australia friends are always in my mind and in my heart. I can't wait to escort them throughout my country , soon! Stay healthy and stay strong.

Alessia, Italy

I can't find the right words to express my gratitude to you for the gesture of great generosity on your part and all customers. Working with you and travelling with Bunnik customers has always meant for me to feel almost at home and now more than ever I feel you are close as a family.
Thanks for your respect and the esteem always placed toward us. I'd like to hug you all. I have you in my heart.

Yalcin, Turkey

Hello from the Cradle of Civilisation to Down Under.
I would like to thank you and the Bunnik family for the campaign and your effort. I appreciate clients' support to campaign. I believe that Covid 19 will end soon and we begin our tours again.
Take care.

Blaz, Croatia, Italy & Slovenia

I was really happy when I got an email about Bunniks intention to send some money to guides around the world. In this very much pessimistic environment (which is getting gloomier by the moment) its an amazing sign. It's not about the money (though that will come in handy for some new fishing gear), but just the idea of someone actually giving a damn, thinking of me, showing I'm (we all) not alone in this is the thing that brings, and keeps, a smile on my face ... 
I've always held your family/agency in very high regard and you still fail to disappoint.
Thank you very much for having my back again, in this quite difficult times for me, you definitely made this October much, much better!! All the best to everyone at Bunniks, hopefully good times are going to return for all of us!

Ibrahim, Turkey

I am very touched and honored about what you guys have been doing for us in Australia. Your kind support is as if “keeping a light burning by putting oil in it.” It is not only the fund you raised I deeply appreciate, but also your consideration, kindness and caring are very valuable, because these bring hope, energy and morale to me for the future. I really thank you people in Bunnik and all contributors in Australia for this kind organization.

Matjaz, Scandinavia

It's hard to find words to describe my gratitude... I knew that you're great, but now, you just rock!
I always felt like a part of a Bunnik family, as you were all extremely friendly, helpful and always there for any help and support. I'm honoured to be part of that family and I hope that I'll have a chance to prove that, after that "mess" is over.
Hugs & kisses to all down under!
Love you all, Matjaz

Peter, Croatia, Slovenia & Italy

Greetings from Slovenia!
Thank you very much for the care and effort Bunnik tours has put in to help us out. Because this long vacation is starting to get a bit old :)
Make sure you and all your loved ones stay safe and positive, and I can't wait to hear one of those
"g`day" again :)

Cristina, Italy & Malta

First of all thank for your nice message.
It is nothing short of exciting to think that someone so far away physically has had the thought of being so close with their heart. It has been and is a truly devastating time for our industry and we ourselves have been left without any support from our government.
I have been working in this sector for 22 years and never before have I felt like I am missing the ground beneath my feet but this is my job, the job that I have chosen and that I love infinitely and I will not give it up, ever.
Your gesture is full of meaning: it doesn't matter the amount when behind it there is the recognition of our professionalism and our value.
We are ready to restart and look forward to the moment when we can leave all this behind us as a bad memory and welcome the wonderful Australian tourists back to our beautiful country, together with renewed enthusiasm and desire to share the infinite Italian beauties.
Thanks with all my heart

Branko, Jewels of Dalmatia

Dear Bunnik family,
How to say thanks for all the things you are doing for me and other guides?
I have been guiding Bunnik guests around Slovenia and Croatia for the last six years. Always with pride and respect and great pleasure. I love what I do and with Bunnik guests it's been a great fun. People really like you. You've carefully created tours with your main concern being a wellbeing of your guests and us guides. Which is obvious with campaign GUIDE FUND you did. As far as I know, Bunnik you are the only one.
Thank you for thinking about us, guides. Hope that soon I will be able to send you photos of happy Aussie travellers like the one below.

Branko on tourBranko with Aussies


Miguel, Chile

I would like to thank the Bunnik family for giving me the hope to keep going.

Our south & north volcanoes of Chile are still waiting for happy Aussies to explore.