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Gozo Island by Dennis Bunnik

Five Fast Facts on Malta

Located off the coast of Italy, in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, lies Malta. A small island, in an archipelago of three; you’ll find this jewel of the Mediterranean packs a big punch!
Meteora by Sacha Bunnik

Magical Meteora

The magical landscape of Meteora is located approximately a 5 hour drive inland from Athens, the capital of Greece. Meteora is a collection of monasteries that were built on sandstone cliffs and mountain tops. They feel as though they have been suspended in the air, just floating above the fertile farm lands of the Thessaly plains.
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy by Mirza Ariadi

Destination Europe!

For the world's second smallest continent, Europe really packs a punch. With some of the world's most popular attractions to marvel over, centuries of history to uncover and rich cultures to experience, we could spend the rest of our lives exploring Europe! Travel in groups of just 20 travellers and enjoy the majesty of Europe with Bunnik Tours.
Tre Cime di Lavaredo mountains in the Dolomite ranges, Italy by Den-Belitsky

Here’s a peak into some of the best mountains to see in the Italian & Swiss Alps

When it comes to Europe, the first things you often think of are food, culture, and enchanting architecture. However, we think the spectacular and accessible mountain regions that adorn the Italian and Swiss Alps should take some of that cake! Here’s a peak at some of the very best mountains you can experience in the Italian and Swiss Alps.
Helsinki by Adobe Stock

Helsinki: Why you should put the Finnish Capital at the top spot of places to visit

From its thriving design culture to unfailing Nordic charm, Finland's Helsinki is quickly becoming the place to be.
Florence by Mirza Ariadi

Fall in love with Florence

It won’t be hard to fall in love with Florence! Nestled in the stunning region of Tuscany, Florence will instantly captivate you. A striking city heavily influenced by the Renaissance era, its Roman beginnings as a garisson town is still evident.
Madrid by Dennis Bunnik

Spain | 24 hours in Madrid!

What might 24 hours look like in the Spanish capital? Let’s find out.
Budapest by Dennis Bunnik

Basically Budapest

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is one of Europe’s most beautiful, most charming, and definitely the city with the most thermal spas. But with so much on offer in this incredible city, it can be hard to get started, so let’s get acquainted together!
Image credit: MOs810/Wikipedia Commons

Hungry in Hungary?

All this talk of Hungary has us feeling rather hungry, and here at Bunnik Tours, we simply love good food. I mean… who doesn’t? So in honour of the nation’s name, we’re delving into some of their must-try dishes. Come along with us and make sure to pack your appetite, you’re going to need it where we’re going!