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Australia & New Zealand
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So, you’ve just booked your next holiday adventure and your travel countdown has begun. We bet you’re already imagining all those incredible sights, the stunning landscapes, ancient ruins and vibrant cities.
The Nut by Jason Charles Hill

Fast facts - Tasmanian Style

Tasmania, there’s so much to do and a plethora of things to see – but how much do you really know about this spectacular destination? Read on to find out 15 interesting facts about the island state!
Wineglass Bay by Jason Charles Hill

Freycinet National Park

Home to one of the most iconic bays in Australia, Freycinet National Park is one of Tasmania’s best kept secrets. Packed with pink granite mountains, white sand beaches and turquoise bays, this National Park is not to be missed.
Rundle Mall, Adelaide by Josie Withers (South Australian Tourism Commission)

South Australia | A state full of hidden treasures

There are plenty of reasons to love South Australia. Not only do we adore the state because we call it home, we love SA because of its beautiful capital, the diverse landscapes and all of its awesome quirks in-between.
Remarkable Rocks by Pasquale Paolo Cardo

Kangaroo Island | The jewel in SA's tourism crown

A destination truly like no other, Kangaroo Island is every bit relaxing as it is exotic. Referred to by many as the jewel in SA’s tourism crown, this small island sitting off South Australia’s coastline should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

10 of Tasmania’s most breathtaking landscapes

When you think of Tasmania, it is easy to conjure up images of stunning scenery and breathtaking natural beauty. In this article we get to know more about 10 of the island’s most incredible vistas.
Port Arthur, Tasmania by  Keith Davey

Port Arthur | An enriching experience

Port Arthur, a place most people have heard of, yet few know the extensive history behind this fascinating Southern Tasmanian site.

Top 5 must do New Zealand experiences

There’s no doubt that Australia’s ‘Tasman cousin’ New Zealand is an impeccably beautiful country. With spectacular fjords, impressive nature parks, and captivating caves, there’s a never-ending list of things to discover. It can be hard to know where to start with so much beauty on offer here, that’s why we have compiled our top 5 must do experiences of New Zealand, allowing you to get the best of the best on your next holiday here.
Flinders Ranges, by Amie Bunnik

Five reasons why SA's Flinders Ranges are a must-do!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to explore Mars? Well I could confidently say South Australia’s Flinders Ranges are likely the next closest thing.