Visit Echuca - What You Need To Know

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  • 26 Apr 23

Victoria is home to several quaint and historic towns. About two and a half hours north of Melbourne you will find Echuca.

Echuca Wharf by Visit Victoria

Echuca Wharf by Visit Victoria

Home to historic paddlesteamers, vibrant cultural festivals, and excellent dining establishments, Echuca is a must on your Australia bucket-list. Find out everything you need to know and more if you’re planning to visit Echuca!


  1. For adventure-seekers
  2. Historic charm
  3. Moama’s ‘twin town’
  4. Main industries
  5. Home to many houseboats
  6. The Port of Echuca Discovery Centre
  7. Echuca hosts some of the best Australian tourist attractions
  8. FAQs


Visit Echuca: what you need to know

1. Echuca is the perfect location for adventure-seekers

Located on the banks of the Murray and Campaspe River in Victoria (Australia), Echuca is the perfect destination for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. It is the closest settlement on the Murray River to Melbourne and is even home to the largest paddle steamer fleet in the world.

2. Echuca is filled with historic charm

Echuca, formerly ‘Hopwood’s Ferry’ (named after its founder Henry Hopwood) is full of historic charm. As the town grew, the name changed to Echuca, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘meeting of the water’.

Historic Port, Echuca, Victoria, Australia by Marco Saracco, Adobe Stock

Image credit: Historic Port, Echuca, Victoria by Marco Saracco | Adobe Stock

3. Echuca is known to be ‘twin towns’ with Moama

Echuca is known to be ‘twin towns’ with Moama. Located on the New South Wales side of the Murray River, Moama is a short drive, walk or ride over the connecting bridge.

4. Echuca's main industries are tourism and agriculture

With a small population of 14,000, Echuca’s main industry is tourism and agriculture. Echuca's tourism industry earns about $250 million a year for the town’s economy. Agriculture is a key industry in the region and dairy, wheat, sheep, pig, and cattle farms are all within the Campaspe Shire.

5. The river is home to many houseboats

The river is home to a constant stream of houseboats, which many tourists use for accommodation during their stay. Depending on your style, you can also chosse from luxury or historic-themed houseboats.

Australia, VIC, Echuca, Paddle Steamer by Adobe Stock

Image credit: Paddle Steamer, Echuca, Victoria by Adobe Stock

6. The Port of Echuca Discovery Centre is a must

Visiting the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre is a must-do when visiting the town. Here you will learn the story of Australia's inland river system and the history of paddle steamers.

7. Echuca hosts some great Australian tourist attractions

Get into the Australian spirit by visiting some of the most popular tourist attractions in Echuca. The National Holden Motor Museum, Echuca chocolate company, St Anne’s Vineyard and The Great Aussie Beer Shed are all must-visit attractions in the town.

Visit Echuca: FAQs

Why is Echuca famous?

Echuca is known for having the largest fleet of riverboats in the world. The history dates back to 1860 when paddle steamers plyed through the Murray, and this soon became the busiest port town on the Murray River. 

Is Echuca a good place for a holiday?

Yes! There are plenty of fun and adventurous things to do in Echuca. They offer everything from riding historic paddle steamers and water skiing to luxurious houseboats, fantastic cellar doors, horse riding, and so much more! 

What can tourists do at the Murray in Echuca?

Some of the most popular water activities that tourists can do in the Murray Valley include:

  • Swimming
  • Water skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Cruising on a paddle steamer

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