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Tikal, Guatemala

Let your adventurous side run free!

Are you seeking a holiday that’s a little out of the ordinary? Does the thought of experiencing new cultures, cuisines and activities excite you?

Top 10 travel tips

Travel can be such a life-altering experience as we learn about other cultures, absorb ourselves in the colourful histories of our destinations and grow excited at the possibilities that people create in their different environments. Travel acts to connect our world’s people, places and cultures. It also provides an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself.

6 Reasons Why Australians Travel Differently

There are some good reasons you should make sure you’re travelling with an Australian tour company, after all, we Australians are a little different…
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10 packing hacks for a tidy suitcase

Packing is always hard. No matter what, you seem to end up with way more clothes than you’ll actually wear, and when you arrive at your destination, what was a neatly packed suitcase can be more of a disaster zone.
Photo from window seat on plane

Travel Tips | Our Most Popular Perch on the Plane

It’s an age old travel question – where is the best seat on the plane for your long haul flight? We took it to the team to see if they could help solve one of the fundamental quandaries of travel!
Must-try foods in Peru (Credit: Adrián Portugal / PROMPERÚ)

5 must-try foods in Peru

Peru’s cuisine is as diverse as its landscape. From the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Jungle, its fertile land provides the perfect place for cultivating its many staples like potatoes (there are over 3,000 varieties found in Peru!), quinoa and corn.
Chilean cuisine

The top 5 must-try of Chilean Cuisine

El Tatio Geysers

Chile's spectacular El Tatio Geysers

It’s not often I would happily set my alarm for 4am and jump out of bed, but this was set to be one of the most amazing excursions any traveller could ask for.