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  • Bunnik Tours
  • 14 Jun 22

Our small group tours are something we take incredibly seriously; that’s why we have the best specialist team curating the finest experiences for you – our beloved travellers! Let’s see what the team have been up to lately.

Priscilla, Product Specialist, in Georgia

Priscilla, Product Specialist, in Georgia

Our Product Team are the incredible people behind our amazing small group tours. We’re not biased when we say these guys are some of the best – and most experienced travellers – in the business. From tour logistics and accommodation, to finding the best tour guides and special experiences local to a destination; our Product Team are responsible for the small group tours you know and love.

Did we mention that they’re experienced travellers? Well, they absolutely are. Our Product Team combined have travelled to almost 100 countries across this beautiful Earth. They also take wonderful trips to a wide range of destinations, so we can continuously better our product for you – these trips are all in the name of research! 


James, our Product Team Manager, was invited to take part in an event hosted by Emirates and Tourism Dubai, which led him to explore Dubai and all the exciting new experiences and developments being worked on.

James has travelled extensively throughout South and Central America, including spending time working as a tour leader throughout Central America, so he knows a thing or two about what makes an incredible group tour!

He’s also travelled overland from Spain to Cape Town, exploring 23 African countries along the way.

Images by: James Atwell

Priscilla, our Product Specialist, has just come back from a three week trip exploring the wonders of Europe. She was invited to Austria by Austrian Tourism and enjoyed some time gallivanting around Vienna and Salzkammergut (the lakes region). Priscilla extended her stay and flew across to Georgia, first-hand discovering the delights of this untouched region. The photos and scenes were unreal to say the least.

Priscilla has explored exotic locations during her travels, discovering countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. She’s uncovered the untouched Borneo, dipped in the icy waters of northern Finland, trekked in the green hues of Peru's Inca Trail, basked in the diverse beauty of India and soaked in the serenity of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.


Images by: Priscilla Aster

Jeremy, our Product Specialist, was invited to South Korea with the South Korean Tourism Commission, jetting off to explore relaxing Korean spas, delicious kimchi and bustling capital city of Seoul. Getting first-hand knowledge and experience of South Korea, Jeremy is well-versed in how the country is operating in a world post-pandemic – an excellent asset to have when curating our South Korean small group tours.

Jeremy has been with Bunnik Tours since the late 2000s and has been in the Product Team for over five years – he knows Bunnik Tours inside out and is well experienced in what makes a great tour. Alike the other Product Specialists in the team, Jeremy’s travel experience is extensive, having travelled across most continents several times.

Image by: Jeremy van Heerde

Annelieke, our General Manager, was also invited by Finnair and Visit Finland on an incredible trip which saw her exploring the delights of Finland. She witnessed the special Midnight Sun, a phenomenon that occurs above the arctic circle where the daylight is almost unending. Living out everyone’s childhood dream, Annelieke also met Santa in the northern village of Rovaniemi – although she won’t tell us what she wished for!

One of the most travelled members of Bunnik Tours, Annelieke has almost travelled to over 80 countries across the globe. No destination is safe from Annelieke’s exploration and curiosity – having travelled in depth across the continents of Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, Europe, North America and Antarctica – multiple times!

Image by: Annelieke Huijgens

Who better to create memorable holidays than our experienced Product Team? From sourcing the best tour accommodation and finding delicious local restaurants, to crafting the special experiences that make our small group tours so unique; you know you’re in safe hands with these guys.

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