Tasmania - it's hip and happening!

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 11 May 21

Defined by its breathtaking scenery, so many travellers flock to Tasmania each year to first-hand experience the island’s divinity for themselves. To their delight, not only are they greeted with incredible views, rugged landscapes, and pure natural beauty; they’re welcomed with a plethora of unique (and certainly quirky) experiences.

Salamanca Markets by Frank Bunnik

Salamanca Markets by Frank Bunnik


It wouldn’t be a list of quirky Tasmanian experiences without the mention of perhaps the state’s most out there thing to see and do, Mona. An incredibly eccentric art museum located in Hobart, Mona stands for the Museum of Old and New Art. Described as a “subversive adult Disneyland’ by its creator David Walsh, the museum houses hundreds of unique art pieces across its three expansive levels. Mona truly needs to be seen to be believed, and a trip to this place makes for one wild experience.

Image credit: Zoe Francis

Salamanca Market


From delicious food and exquisite arts and crafts, to fresh local produce and live music, Salamanca Market is bursting with flavour figuratively and literally. Arguably one of the best things to experience in Tasmania, this vibrant and lively outdoor market is located on the area’s historic Salamanca Place and is absolutely worth the visit any time of the year. Buskers bring a joyous atmosphere as you mingle with the locals and browse the many unique stalls that hug the picturesque street. Said to be a celebration of the senses, this award-winning, iconic attraction is open every Saturday of the year, rain or shine!

Image credit: Victoria Hearn


See the devils

Alright so we’re not talking about the real devil here, but rather the island’s native Tasmanian devil. A carnivorous marsupial which looks like a mix between a possum and a large rat, they’re quite cute, but just don’t get too close! Learn about these threatened and endangered spies from the expert Tasmanian Devil Keepers at the Devils @ Cradle wildlife sanctuary facility. They’re an iconic Australian animal which needs to be seen to be believed.

Image credit: Honi Gibson

Most people don’t know how truly wonderful and exciting Tasmania can be, and that’s why we’re here to help showcase everything it has to offer. If this delightful destination sounds just like your cup of tea, then discover the magic with our Tasmania in Depth small group tour.