Travel Photography | Our top 5 tips

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 06 Feb 20

Whilst we all go on holiday to experience something different, be it a relaxing beach, an iconic city, culinary delights or rural towns, chances are we’ll almost always take a camera!

Travel photography can be a beautiful way to capture the essence of your trip, to preserve memories and to share your experience with friends and family.

These days there are so many things you can do with your holiday photos too – make a photo book, print your favourites on canvas, and create magnets, playing cards, and pillows… anything you could probably think of.

Here we’ve put together a list of our best travel photography tips:

Travel Photography Tip 1: Look at things from a new perspective

While there’s always the token iconic shot, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome, often the most interesting photos (and the ones that make the best momentos) are shots that capture remarkable angles or intricate details that aren’t always so obvious to the naked eye. Try looking at the structures in a different way through your camera lens. Have a look at the examples below.

Sacre Coeur, Paris – Landscape ShotSacre Couer, Paris - Landscape Shot

Sacre Coeur, Paris – Angle Shot

Sacre Coeur, Paris – Angle Shot

Eiffel Tower, Paris – Landscape Shot

Eiffel Tower, Paris – Detail Shot

Bet you didn’t realise the Eiffel Tower was so intricately detailed in its construction from those faraway profiles.

Travel Photography Tip 2: Include a snippet of local life

When taking photos of less-obvious places, a nice post marker can be a touch of something local included in your frame, for example a newsstand, street sign or shop. This adds depth and character to images and makes them engage with an audience.

Heidelberg, Germany

Travel Photography Tip 3: Take advantage of the day's best light

One of the easiest ways to improve your travel photography is to get out and shoot in the best light of the day. Unfortunately for most, the best light is generally just after dawn, creating warm tones and shadows. You can also take advantage of the magical pre-dusk sunset for similar effect.

Dusk at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Hoi An sunrise

Sunrise on Tonle Sap Lake

Travel Photography Tip 4: Snap the culinary delights

Sri Lankan Meal

Trying the local cuisine is, for many, one of the best parts of travelling. It may seem cliché but snapping your favourite meals here and there can add interest to your albums and stories, as well as being recipe reminders. As always, ensure you shoot your dishes in well-lit areas and take advantage of your camera’s focusing settings for perfect shots.

Lunch on a farm

Parisian Patisserie

Travel Photography Tip 5: Get off the beaten path

Anyone can Google Image Search “New York” and come up with 1 million + amazing skyline images. Make sure you keep things interesting, get off the beaten path and shoot the subjects and experiences you want to remember forever. Personally, a photo of a stranger playing the saxophone on Fifth Avenue is much more memorable than a photo of the Statue of Liberty.

San Juan Chamula, Mexico

Negombo Fish Market, Sri Lanka

Check out our Photo Gallery for some more great shots! And don’t forget to tag your photos with #bunniktours so we can share your experiences!

Happy snapping!