How To Organise Your Luggage For A Trip: 7 Tips

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  • 17 May 24

It’s holiday time! But before we go exploring, we have to organise luggage! Follow our 7 tips to organise your luggage for your trip.

Packing tips

Packing tips

There are two different types of people in the world – those who travel with an organised suitcase and those who don’t. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this you are probably the latter, and you’re definitely not alone! We’re here to help you pack for your next small group tour abroad, with our guide on how to organise luggage with these 7 helpful tips.



  1. Make a packing list
  2. Packing cubes
  3. Pack by outfit
  4. Zip lock bag wet items
  5. Keep cables tidy
  6. Pack twice
  7. Weigh your luggage


7 tips on how to organise your luggage for a trip


1.   Make a packing list

Before you embark on your journey to the dunes of Sossusvlei or cruise through the Greek islands, your first step is to make a packing list. Jot down everything you need, from clothing to toiletries, to ensure you don't forget anything important. Start with the essentials and go from there! You can even calculate the quantity you need and tick off as you pack it in your luggage.


2.    Packing cubes are a game changer

Packing cubes will fundamentally change the way you travel. Gone are the days of opening your suitcase to a pile of untidy clothes, having to take everything out to find your favourite T-shirt, and squashing everything in to be able to zip it back up again!

Packing cubes allow you to know exactly where your clothes are at all times. Separate your clothes between the cubes, with one for tops, one for bottoms, and so on. You can even pack an empty one to house your dirty clothes in. Trust us, your suitcase will love you for it.


3.  Pack by outfit

One of the most effective strategies for optimising your luggage space and streamlining your travel experience is to pack by outfit. Rather than randomly throwing clothes into your suitcase, take the time to plan your outfits in advance. This method not only ensures that you have everything you need but also helps you avoid overpacking.

Start by laying out your planned outfits for each day of your trip. Consider factors such as the weather, for example, if you’re exploring Africa, you might have to pack lighter clothes to fit the hot climate! Other factors to consider are the activities you'll be engaging in, and any special occasions you may need to dress for. Take into account versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks, reducing the number of individual items you need to pack.


4.  Zip lock bag wet items

We’ve all been there at least once during our travels when one of our trusty shampoo bottles or face wash leaks through our toiletries bag in our suitcase. It’s never fun to deal with and always puts a bit of a dampener on your travels. That’s where your new best friend comes in handy! Say hello to zip lock bags, here to save your toiletries bag from any future leaks.


5.   Keep cables tidy

Easily tangled and easily lost, charging cables can be a pain for us all! It’s easy to get caught up with an abundance of cables when packing your tech for your travels. You want to take your phone to stay connected with people back home, your camera to capture amazing photographs of the must-see sites in Mexico, your headphones, a plug adaptor for international trips, maybe even a tablet or smartwatch, the list could go on and on!

For those of you who like DIY projects, Velcro does wonders for tangle-free cables! Otherwise, there is an abundance of different cable bags out on the market that do wonders in organising your cables and other gadgets for your travels.


6.   Pack twice

This one might sound strange to some, but for the over-packers in the world it’s essential! Leading up to your travels, get all the clothes that you want to take and lay them out in your suitcase. Come back a day or two later and properly pack (using those packing cubes from lesson one) and go through all those clothes you have out.

Be ruthless and don’t pack anything you’re second-guessing. Go into your packing with the mindset that anything you second guess goes back in the wardrobe and you’ll be on your way to a perfectly packed lightweight suitcase! 


7.   Weigh your luggage

What would the point of all this organising be if your suitcase ends up being overweight? Travel with a portable luggage scale to ensure you’re on top of how much your suitcase weighs. This means less time stressing and more time shopping for souvenirs to bring home.



Where will you take your newly organised luggage next?

So there you have it, our 7 top tips  on how to organise luggage for your next trip!! Now, there’s just one last question – where are you going this year? Join Bunnik Tours  on our small group tours! Give us a call on 1800 286 645 to find the perfect destination for your next trip!


Frequently asked questions

How do I organise my suitcase to maximise space?

To maximise space in your suitcase:

  • Utilise packing cubes or compression bags
  • Roll clothing items tightly to fit more items into your suitcase
  • Place heavier items at the bottom and fill any gaps with smaller items or accessories
  • Utilise the inside of shoes for additional storage
  • Consider investing in travel-sized toiletries


Is it best to fold or roll clothes in a suitcase?

Both folding and rolling clothes have their benefits when packing a suitcase. However, rolling your clothing can save space and allow for better visibility of items in your suitcase.


How can I decorate my luggage to stand out?

A Bunnik Tours luggage strap and tag of course! When you travel with Bunnik Tours, you’ll receive a luggage strap and luggage tags to easily identify your luggage. To make your luggage stand out more you could also add colourful ribbons, or distinctive stickers to personalise your bag. Opt for bright or patterned luggage that is easy to spot on a baggage carousel.


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