Why you should travel to Europe in 2022!

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 18 May 22

Dennis Bunnik is currently joining a number of tours throughout Europe for the resumption of our summer season. Read along to find out why he thinks 2022 is the best time to travel through Europe!

Zagreb, Croatia by Dennis Bunnik

Zagreb, Croatia by Dennis Bunnik

It doesn’t take long to get back into the European spirit.  It’s only my second night in Zagreb, but I’m already feeling like a local savouring a balmy summer evening at an outdoor café.

It was the same last week in Turkey when I joined our first tour back in Europe since the start of the pandemic. Within hours of arrival, I was sipping traditional Turkish coffee and eating delicious baklava with our wonderful clients. 

From immersing ourselves in the history of Istanbul to floating over the surreal landscape of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon or enjoying an evening beer in Zagreb, I can tell you nothing feels as good as being back on a Europe Tour. I had truly missed this feeling so much!

The question on everybody’s lips is, should I travel in 2022 or wait until next year? This is a valid question, with many Australian travellers still nervous about the various COVID-19 protocols, considering our borders have only recently reopened.

Having experienced Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and now Croatia over the past couple of weeks, I can tell you travel is becoming easier by the day. Masks are only mandatory on flights and for vaccinated travellers most testing requirements have been removed.

At hotels, on coaches and at various other sites, extended cleaning practices remain in place. Other than cleaning protocols, life on this side of the world has pretty much returned to normal.

Good personal hygiene practices are still recommended with hand sanitiser readily available. It is also helpful to have a mask with you for those times you find yourself in a crowded place and want some extra protection. 


So why should you travel to Europe in 2022?

There is one very compelling and unique reason that only exists this year and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. With the world still opening up, several of the world’s largest tourism source markets in Asia and Eastern Europe are still closed. In addition, this year Europeans are finally able to travel long-haul again – something they have not been able to do for the past two years.

These factors combined will mean that Europe in 2022 will be less busy than normal. It will also be a lot less busy than in 2023, when the whole world is expected to be reopened and the travel rush will be in full force.

Just like travelling in a small group size compared to a larger group, a quieter Europe means a more relaxing and stress-free holiday for you. 

You’ll have more space and time at the various sights and won’t have to queue to get that real Italian gelato you’ve been craving since 2020! Plus, the outside tables with stunning views will be easier to get.

There is still time to book and travel to Europe in 2022 but get in quick! The news of how good Europe is this year will spread and the remaining spots on our 2022 Europe small group tours will sell fast.

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