What makes a Bunnik small group tour

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  • 19 Jan 20

Having recently travelled on my first Bunnik small group tour, it was amazing to see the difference that the little things make. Having everything organized from flights and airport transfers to sightseeing and accommodation meant all I had to do was show up at the airport with my passport and luggage and away I went!

Bunnik small group tour

Bunnik small group tour

In the world of touring it’s sometimes hard to tell what makes a tour and what to expect along the way, so I have compiled a list of exactly what makes a Bunnik Tour so unique and unforgettable!


Designed for Australians

Having a tour designed by Australians, for Australians means you travel with likeminded people. Bunnik Tours know Australian values and consider them every step of the way when designing a tour. They know their customers want to do more than just cross things off lists, but rather connect with local people and try new things.

Tips are included

Bunnik Tours know that tipping is not a normal custom for Australians, so they make life easy by including the tips in the cost of the tour. Not having to constantly calculate how much to tip gives you yet another thing taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy your tour experience.

No hidden extra costs


Flights are included (but they don't have to be)

Having flights included as part of a touring package means you take advantage of the great wholesale rates only available for bulk booked flights. Want to upgrade? Sure thing! Want to change the dates/times of your flights? That’s no issue! And, if you don’t want the included flights, that’s no problem either! Bunnik Tours offer their tours as a land only option for those who prefer.

Full-sized buses

Travelling in a small group obviously has its benefits, but when you’re crammed into a small bus for the whole tour it loses its charm. Of course, there are times this is not practical, such as safaris in Africa or when travelling in areas on narrow roads, but where they can, Bunnik will use a larger vehicle than the number of passengers booked on a tour. Not only does this give you a great window view, but the extra room to spread out also makes those long drives so much more comfortable!


Special experiences

Going beyond regular touring and ticking major sights of lists, Bunnik Tours handcraft special experiences as part of their small group tours. These are designed to connect you with the locals, show you a different side to a destination and leave you with memories to last a lifetime! These experiences are usually not available to solo travellers and logistically impossible for larger groups, meaning they’re truly special!

Expert guides and tour directors

Don’t underestimate the power of local knowledge, especially in a non-English speaking country. A good tour guide will delve into the fascinating history and facts about any destination. They’ll also give you great tips along the way, like the best food to try and places to shop. And if any of logistics need to be adjusted, they’re quick on their feet and resolve issues quickly! Plus, if you run into any trouble with language, even simple things such as ordering at a restaurant, they are there to assist and will go out of their way to help. Bunnik Tours also have the help of a Tour Director, say someone gets unwell on tour – the Tour Director is there to help and will make arrangements with minimal disruption to the rest of the group.


Owned by Marion Bunnik and her sons Dennis and Sacha Bunnik, Bunnik Tours has evolved from a travel agency to international tour operator. As an Adelaide based, purely family-owned company, Bunnik Tours have the freedom to ensure its customers are the number one priority and keep them at the forefront of every decision. As the business has grown, Marion, Sacha and Dennis have remained at the core of the operation, staying true to the philosophy of providing outstanding customer service and treasured holiday experiences.

Sacha, Marion and Dennis



Bunnik Tours are proud to have been voted the Best Tour Operator - International, winning the award at the 2019 Australian Federation of Travel Agents, National Travel Industry Awards. Bunnik also won the BRW Award of Excellence in Customer Service in 2012 for their handling of the Egypt Revolution.

If you’d like to book a Bunnik small group tour, visit their website or give them a call on 1800 286 645