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Negombo, Sri Lanka by Dennis Bunnik

Sri Lanka - Why we can't get enough!

Early in October this year, we sent 45 lucky agents on a Mega Famil to experience the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka, and wow does it live up to its title!
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10 packing hacks for a tidy suitcase

Packing is always hard. No matter what, you seem to end up with way more clothes than you’ll actually wear, and when you arrive at your destination, what was a neatly packed suitcase can be more of a disaster zone.
Photo from window seat on plane

Travel Tips | Our Most Popular Perch on the Plane

It’s an age old travel question – where is the best seat on the plane for your long haul flight? We took it to the team to see if they could help solve one of the fundamental quandaries of travel!
Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lankan Cuisine - a tour highlight

Sri Lanka’s food is so delicious and unique! I always try different food while travelling and Sri Lankan cuisine was certainly a highlight during Bunnik Tours’ recent Mega Famil.