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Cappadocia cooking class, Turkey by Dennis Bunnik

International Cuisine: Our 11 Best Foodie Experiences

We all know travel is good for the soul, but did you know it can also be good for your belly? Read more about how Bunnik Tours celebrates international cuisine.
Priya with a group on our Sri Lankan Discovery tour

Bunnik's Expert Guides

It's so important to have a good, knowledgeable tour guide when travelling on a small group tour. That’s why Bunnik Tours hand select some of the best guides from all over the world.
Rail Tracks, Hanoi, Vietnam by Priscilla Aster

Small Group Touring Philosophy – Get off the tourist trail

When you travel on a small group tour with Bunnik Tours, you will venture off the beaten tourist track, stay at smaller hotels and visit smaller restaurants and businesses. Why is this a good thing? We’re so glad you asked!

Airfares Included

At Bunnik Tours, we want you to have a completely stress-free holiday experience. That’s why we include airfares on a range of our small group tours, using only reputable carriers. We include return flights from Australia on our classic international tours, including all internal flights.
Local woman in Sri Lanka by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy – Responsible Tourism

We all know small group tours create a better holiday experience, but did you know they are better on the environment too? Sustainable tourism is paramount to us, and we’re here to help you be a more responsible tourist.
Priscilla, Product Specialist, in Georgia

Our Specialist Team

Our small group tours are something we take incredibly seriously; that’s why we have the best specialist team curating the finest experiences for you – our beloved travellers! Let’s see what the team have been up to lately.
Group on tour in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina by Dennis Bunnik

Our Travel Styles Explained: Find the small group tour that suits you

Did you know we offer a range of different travel styles? Not only do we offer an amazing range of small group touring styles, we also offer a variety of independent travel options and even tour extensions. No matter your preference, there is a Bunnik tour to suit your travel needs.
Discover South Australia group at Kangaroo Island Spirits by Dennis Bunnik

Small Group Touring Philosophy – Less time waiting

There are so many benefits that come from travelling in a small group and spending less time waiting around is certainly one of them. With a small group everything is easier and quicker, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.
Zagreb, Croatia by Dennis Bunnik

Why you should travel to Europe in 2022!

Dennis Bunnik is currently joining a number of tours throughout Europe for the resumption of our summer season. Read along to find out why he thinks 2022 is the best time to travel through Europe!