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Hoi An Market by Dennis Bunnik

Vietnam | A guide to Vietnamese cuisine

Want to know the difference between Banh Mi and a Bún? Did you know that ‘pho’ is pronounced more like ‘fur’? We’ve got you covered in this brief guide to the delicious flavours of Vietnam.
Manakish by Mervat Salman

Make your own manakish

A traditional dish from the Levant Region of the Middle East, manakish is a delicious bread dish that is sometimes refered to as an Arabic pizza.
Little Petra by Marion Bunnik

Wadi Rum, Jordan | Little Petra and Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum has to be seen to be believed! Our night in the Bedouin Camp was under a million stars.

Colour your heart with Jordan

Transport yourself into the heart of magical Wadi Rum with this fun, mindful colouring-in activity.
Empanadas by Deutsch_LionHeart/Pixabay

Warm your heart with Chilean empanadas

These delicious meat-filled pastries will transport you straight to Chile and are the perfect way to warm and inspire your heart for an epic South American adventure!
Pisco Sour by Cathrine Gunasekara

Raise your glass to the pisco sour

Whether you’re visiting Chile or Peru, the pisco sour is a must try drink on your South American holiday.

An update from our Sri Lanka office

Sri Lanka has been in differing levels of lockdown for well over a month now. As many of you know we have a Bunnik Tours team over here, so as the General Manager I wanted to give you an update on what life is like for us all.
Pastel De Nata by Felix Kolthoff/Unsplash

Delicioso! An introduction to the history of Portugal’s most famed treat.

Pastel de nata, also known as Portuguese tarts, are a staple Portuguese dessert. The delicious egg filled pastries originated in Lisbon but are found throughout the entire country and across the world.
Photo by Federica Ariemma

History of the Aperol Spritz (and how to make one!)

An Aperol Spritz is the quintessential Italian drink. It's light, refreshing and the perfect aperitivo to enjoy before a delicious Italian meal.