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Dubrovnik, Croatia by Dennis Bunnik

Photo Guide | The Jewels of Dalmatia

The Jewels of Dalmatia explores the Balkan states and the spectacular countryside of south-eastern Europe. From the romance of Venice and Budapest, medieval cities, charming coastal villages and stunning national parks – this delightful region of Europe has become a real favourite with travellers & food lovers!

Egypt | Walk like an Egyptian

The ways to travel in Egypt are many and varied. From camels to feluccas, luxury cruise ships to dahabiyas and safari jeeps, take your pick!

Philae Temple, Egypt | The Jewel of the Nile

Tucked away on an island on the Nile a short boat ride from Aswan lies one of the most beautiful sights in all of Egypt. It’s not the biggest or the grandest of the Ancient Egyptian monuments. It’s not even the most important. Yet most travellers to Egypt come away saying that it was one of their favourite spots. It is Philae Temple.
Cape Town Waterfront by Annelieke Huijgens

Cape Town, South Africa | Character Abounds

It’s always a good time to explore the spectacular scenery in and around Cape Town. Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa. Europeans first started visiting the Cape in the 15th century. Originally established as a trading port for the Dutch East India Company, Cape Town proved to be a pivotal port in colonial times between the Dutch and the British.
Maasai Mara Picnic by Annelieke Huijgens

Kenya | 48 hours in the Maasai Mara

What might 48 hours in one of the world’s finest game reserves entail? Let’s find out. The Maasai Mara’s landscape is characterised by wide open plains, and rolling grasslands, dotted with the occasional tree. Flowing into the Serengeti, it is one of the biggest reserves in the world.
Hoi An Market by Dennis Bunnik

Vietnam | A guide to Vietnamese cuisine

Want to know the difference between Banh Mi and a Bún? Did you know that ‘pho’ is pronounced more like ‘fur’? We’ve got you covered in this brief guide to the delicious flavours of Vietnam.
Manakish by Mervat Salman

Make your own manakish

A traditional dish from the Levant Region of the Middle East, manakish is a delicious bread dish that is sometimes refered to as an Arabic pizza.
Little Petra by Marion Bunnik

Wadi Rum, Jordan | Little Petra and Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum has to be seen to be believed! Our night in the Bedouin Camp was under a million stars.

Colour your heart with Jordan

Transport yourself into the heart of magical Wadi Rum with this fun, mindful colouring-in activity.