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Mouth fresheners in Jaipur, India by Priscilla Aster

The Best of India’s Cuisine: 12 Must-Try Dishes

India boasts a culinary tapestry that reflects its rich cultural heritage. While you may have sampled some of the classics like butter chicken and samosas, Indian cuisine is a treasure trove waiting to be explored and enjoyed.
Alhambra Palace, Granada by Adobe Stock

8 Destinations You Must See in Spain and Portugal

Whether you’re sipping port in Porto or marvelling at the iconic Sagrada Família in Barcelona, each city in Spain and Portugal invites you to savour its unique flavours, sights, and sounds.
Park Guell by Antonio Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain by MarinadeArt

Antoni Gaudí’s Architecture in Barcelona

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona, you’ve most certainly heard of, and seen the works of, the renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. Famous for his works in the Catalan Modernism style, let’s find out more about him, his life and the works he dedicated himself to.

Zoe Shares The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt

As an experienced world traveller, for some reason the Middle East was a destination that I figured I’d always get to, just later. After 10 days in Egypt I can honestly say the time to go is now!
Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness in Scotland by Ramon Vloon, Unsplash

Loch Ness: The Mystery and the Magic of Scotland’s Most Famous Lake

When you think about Loch Ness, what comes to mind? A large freshwater lake? The quest for Scottish independence? Or is it the mythical beast that lurks in its murky depths, sparking the curiosity of millions around the globe?
Belmond Hiram Bingham train

Marion’s Luxury South America Experience

Can you travel in luxury through South America? Marion Bunnik, travel lover and joint founder of Bunnik Tours, shares her experiences of abundance during a Bunnik In Style tour, featuring accommodation with waterfall views at Copacabana Palace and luxury cabins aboard the Andean Explorer Train.
Centennial Cellar at Seppeltsfield, Barossa by Ian Routledge/South Australian Tourism Commission

Hidden places in South Australia

There are plenty of reasons to love South Australia. We love SA because of its beautiful capital (also the home town of Bunnik Tours), the diverse landscapes and all of its awesome quirks in between.
Tokyo city, Japan by Dennis Bunnik

When In Tokyo: A Traveller’s Guide

Whether you are dreaming about a Japan holiday or ready to book an all-inclusive tour, Tokyo is a destination you will not want to miss. With guided small group tours to see magnificent scenery, Tokyo is the gateway to mountain views, stunning lakes, cityscapes and a wealth of culture and cuisine.
Abu Simbel, Egypt by Wendy Ronksley

Uncovering Egypt's history, scenery and must-see sights!

Egypt has been a passion of mine for many years, and it never ceases to hold me in awe. From its ancient wonders and impressive scenery to its warm and welcoming people, I love it a little more each time I visit.