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Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro, Portugal

Portugal is home to beautiful coastline, delicious cuisine and colourful architecture. The country’s cities all offer something different from eclectic Porto, to vibrant Lisbon and all that’s in between, including the Venice-like city of Aveiro.

15 interesting facts about Georgia

When Vance Joy sang about having Georgia on his mind in his 2014 single ‘Georgia’ was he really talking about a person? Maybe it was actually about the country Georgia. It might be one of Europe’s less travelled countries, but we can certainly see why a visit to this incredible country would leave you singing its praises!
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Enchanting Ljubljana

Charming and romantic, Ljubljana is an idyllic capital city full of elegant buildings, tree-lined boulevards and welcoming locals.
Chocolate treats

Chocolate around the world

Hot chocolate, pain au chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, churros dipped in chocolate, napolitana de chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate gelati, chocolate chip cookies. There are almost countless ways to enjoy chocolate. Lets take a look at some of the many ways chocolate is devoured around the world.
Kandy sunset

Photo Guide | The magic of Sri Lanka

Let’s take a trip through captivating Sri Lanka. From Anuradhapura to Galle, this nation is so beautiful. Take a visit on a Bunnik tour of Sri Lanka!

Lake Bled, Slovenia | It doesn't get more picturesque

Looking at Lake Bled it feels like you are looking at a picture perfect postcard, with the blue of the lake, snow-capped mountains in the background and historic church on the island in the middle of the lake.

When travel is more than the destination

Everyone looks for different things from travel but one thing that is common to creating great memories on tour is that time to just simply be in a place. That time you get to yourself to explore the world in a way that is of interest to you.
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Exploring Colombo

Colombo, what a fascinating capital city filled with character and charm. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of Colombo prior to my visit but wow did it exceed my expectations!
Christmas markets

Christmas in Europe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas, it’s the hap-happiest season of all and there’s no more magical place to be than in Europe at Christmas time, where the cities are glistening with lights and Christmas markets pop up selling trinkets, decorations, mulled wine and delicious food.