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Litchfield National Park by Annelieke Huijgens

Highlights of Australia's Top End

Home of the real outback, Australia’s Northern Territory is nothing short of spectacular. From uncovering the many (beautiful!) natural wonders and experiencing the rich Aboriginal culture to simply basking in the vast landscapes, the NT is the place to truly escape. But let’s be real, the territory is simply bursting with highlights, and we’d truly be here forever if we had to list them all! So let’s delve into some of what this region has to offer.
Budapest by Dennis Bunnik

Basically Budapest

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is one of Europe’s most beautiful, most charming, and definitely the city with the most thermal spas. But with so much on offer in this incredible city, it can be hard to get started, so let’s get acquainted together!
Image credit: MOs810/Wikipedia Commons

Hungry in Hungary?

All this talk of Hungary has us feeling rather hungry, and here at Bunnik Tours, we simply love good food. I mean… who doesn’t? So in honour of the nation’s name, we’re delving into some of their must-try dishes. Come along with us and make sure to pack your appetite, you’re going to need it where we’re going!
Image credit: Dennis Bunnik

Quirky Hungary

Despite being a relatively small country, Hungary does pack quite the punch! Read on to uncover some of this landlocked, central European nation’s quirks and see what sets it apart from its neighbours.
The Devil's Cauldron waterfall of Baños, Ecuador by Kristi Rutten

Uncover South & Central America

A continent steeped in mysterious ancient ruins still being unearthed, sandy white coastlines and a mountain range that encompasses volcanoes, lakes, deserts and forests, it's not hard to see why South America should be on everyone's must-see list! But the wonders don't stop there. Continuing north into Central America with countries like Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Costa Rica the diversity of landscapes, culture and cuisine, the hardest decision will be which countries not to include!
Remarkable Rocks of Kangaroo Island, South Australia by Erin Clifford

Rediscover Australia

There has never been a better time to rediscover our own backyard. With a world-class coastline, wildlife in abundance and scenery for days, it’s no wonder we are all excited about our domestic adventures.

Tassie on Tour!

We are finally travelling again, and this time it's in our own backyard, with one of our first groups in Tasmania! If there's something we have learned this past year, it's that there is so much to explore in our own country and we are so appreciative of just how much it has to offer.
Lion overlooking the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania by Zoe Francis

Experience Africa!

A continent of immense natural beauty, bursting with life around every corner, you will never feel more alive than when you're in Africa! An experience you have to do at least once in your lifetime, let this overview help you narrow down which of the many countries you will tick off that bucket list.
Image credit: Victoria Hearn

Unpacking Salzburg

To the north of Austria you’ll find a quaint town called Salzburg, and it’s a delight in every sense of the word. Salzburg encapsulates all that Austria has to offer, presenting it in a perfect little package. Let’s unpack it!